The best things in this world starts with a dream, a desire and thus the "coincidences" come into our lives and take shapes, the pieces fall into place and we start playing as a child and forming until it starts getting mature and finally becomes totally real.


We work  to satisfy our customers’ needs who long to dress in pure fibers, value hand work when  creating high quality organic products that do not cause damage the environment in the whole production process with the aim of promoting the social inclusion.


To produce high design clothing that also has the high value of organic products and fair trade, creating more groups of mothers are we work from home and provide a better standard of living and that of their families.

Our beginning

Thus is how began the dream of a MIA, a Peruvian mother who wanted to unite others and work together to develop their skills, a dream with another Peruvian also who traveled and discovered his own country and the fashion trends in the world, both formed MIA - Mothers In Action, to help especially widowed mothers, mostly single, and those who poses incredible weaving techniques but not being able express it due to their basic living conditions. With the partnership of MIA Norway MIA offers them work thanks to their skillful hands, to those mothers who now can have a better quality of life and their children. Learn more about our project, videos, pictures, parties at: WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/MIAPERU



Many alpaca shepherds of the Peruvian Andes benefit from raising these animals and they do not need to cut down forest for pasture, these animals eat natural grass that grows up to 4000 meters and higher, where trees do not grow so no need to transform or destroy the environment and this grass or "Hichu" is abundant. No injuries or killing alpacas is necessary to get their wool; they are just shorn, like when you cut your hair it grows back and regenerated. This process, creates a happy life for alpacas, better incomes for shepherds, and a healthy clean environments for our planet.


The buttons and accessories that we use in our garments are 100% natural, we get seeds from palm trees from the Amazon rainforest, the seeds fall to the ground and many of them rot. Native people from the jungle, they hand pick the fresh seeds and hand carve them creating beautiful shapes and designs to sell. We ask them to produce our buttons as accessories for our collections, creating a job for them, using their arts and where no polluting their environment is involved.

Throughout our process we always try to minimize the use of artificial products like machines that don’t produce smoke or polluting generators. We believe that the use of handmade items generates more jobs, develop our sensibility and art, brings back our culture and origins, not pollute the environment or imply the NON animal sacrifice for our simple benefit. In cases and Alpaca dyes in a natural way or when cold front arrives, or for the farmers consumption it’s possible to use their fur.


For our handmade collection, our knitter mothers work at home, no need to go to an office or factory, just weaving sticks, crochet, loom or any of our other techniques doesn’t imply the uses of polluting machines. During our workshops we encourage them to recycle and teach their child to presser the planet and be examples to their communities. When the garment is done, each clothe goes for a high vapor bath to sterilize, dry and then packed right away to be shipped. Please visit